My Top 3 Albums of 2014

After years of using paid music services such as Spotify, 2014 turned out to be a year where I bought more albums that probably the last five years combined. We are not talking high volume here so you could say that I’ve still been pretty selective in my purchasing.


I am on a stunning one album per month digitally on average and the albums bought this year are as follows.

  • Ace Frehley – Anomaly *
  • Battle Beast – Battle Beast *
  • Delain – Human Contradiction
  • H.E.A.T – Address the Nation *
  • H.E.A.T – Tearing Down the Walls
  • Linkin Park – The Hunting Party
  • Nickelback – The Best of Nickelback, Vol 1 *
  • Simple Minds – Best Of Simple Minds Tour 2014 (Helsinki) **
  • Sixx A.M. – Modern Vintage
  • U2 – Songs of Innocence ***
  • Within Temptation – Hydra

But what about the top 3?

Each album has their own merits with the exception of “The Hunting Party” – this is just pure shit!!! Do you agree? Comment below.

Modern Vintage has to be number one for me. I have listened to this non-stop since buying it. I loved it right from the beginning and now think it is a modern classic – what do you think?

Having seen H.E.A.T for the second time this as the South Park festival, I immediately bought their last two albums. Whilst “Address the Nation” perhaps the better tracks, “Tearing Down the Walls” is a great album overall. Difficult choice between these two but since Tearing Down the Walls is this years album it takes the spot in the top 3.

The final spot in the top 3 is tough and a battle between Delain, Amaranthe and Within Temptation. For individual tracks Amaranthe and Within Temptation are probably ahead but for the complete package: Delain take the position.

Agree with this? What’s your favourite album of 2014?

* Not albums from 2014, ** Official Live recording, *** I DID NOT ACTUALLY BUY THIS!!!