More Than Just Music Gigs in October

With the exception of the quite magnificent Danko Jones on the 7th, October was more about the bands that I did not see than the ones that I did.


I recently singed up for SongKick and linked my Facebook, Spotify and Last.FM profiles to it. Now I get notifications of up and coming concerts without any effort at all.

To this end, I found out that Joe Satriani and Paradise Lost were playing at the Circus, unfortunately there were not any takers for either of these events.

And I had to turn down the opportunity to see local bands, Shiraz Lane and Santa Cruz, make cameo performances at Linnanmäki.

However, I was fortunate enough to venture twice to theatre venues this month to see a couple of comedy shows.

First up was Trailer Park Boys: Even More Drunk, High & Unemployed.

Very good audience participation in this. I have never experienced a crowd go so wild for a show. It was like they were the Beatles (less the screaming) or similar. Total Rock Stars.

Their show was funny, quite like the TV show, sometimes hit or miss. A few very funny moments, but generally the kind of thing that you watch with a constant smile on your face.

Towards the end of the month was Fabulous Bäckström Brothers.

This is also a 3 man show, but based around a road trip to the US and the composition of an opera. We actually saw this show before but decided to take friends and the kids along this time.

Mia, for the second time, was serenaded on stage by “Siegfried” whilst eating nuts and sipping on champagne. She was resplendent in a viking hat with blond pigtails. Wish I had photos.

I think the kids enjoyed parts of it, I enjoyed and understood a lot more of it this time around. It was in Finnish, with some German, but very visual and many of the songs were in English.

What about you? See anything good in October?