MixRadio is Dead

So you have probably heard about this already, but I thought I would chime in with a couple of cents worth of comments.

I’ve been using the service for many years, on and off, and there were many great features and it’s quite a loss to the music community IMHO…


Evolving from Nokia music services, such as Comes with Music to Ovi Music eventually morphing into MixRadio, it was a great music streaming app that very soon learnt your musical preferences.

Generating customised (personalised) playlists for a while I really liked the offering. At some point in time there was even an additional app that could scan your home music libraries enabling even greater music matching.

To some extent “unfortunately” though I was tied into Windows Phone and the greatest appeal of the app was lost with the service being sold by Nokia and the link to your Nokia Account broken.

Since usage of Windows Phone was limited the app never updated to allow Facebook integration – a feature offered on subsequently released platforms such as Android and iOS. I didn’t want to go through the process of adding all my favourite artists again.

I really used the app most when I was driving or needing background music – times when tailored music was suitable and I didn’t necessarily want to listen to specific artists or tracks.

For the times I wanted to listen specifically to stuff I used, and still use, Spotify – but that is a paid service. MixRadio was an excellent free offering.

Very popular around the world it appeared that MixRadio was going from strength to strength: ranking highly in the Apple Store and also announcing many big partnerships with the likes of Harman Kardon.

I was really shocked when I read the news of its impending demise. And disappointed on two fronts:

1 – I am soon going to be moving to a platform that is fully supported and I could again utilise all of the features and

2 – I’m sad for Dean. He really loved this job and was great at it. How often do you get to work in a field that you are truly passionate about?

Although I don’t envy all that travel I’m sure I could handle meeting lots of interest people and discovering new music and bands.

He’ll be back though – to theme tune: Tub Thumping 🙂

MixRadio which began life on Nokia’s Lumia range was an exclusive to Windows Phone for a while. After Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft, MixRadio changed hands to Japanese messaging giant Line. It seems even they weren’t able to handle the dwindling profits…

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