Meeting H.E.A.T After They Rock Tavastia

Having been lucky enough to meet Reckless Love at their last show in Tavastia we made an educated guess that H.E.A.T would appear after their show in the bar area to meet and greet their fans.

We weren’t wrong and they proved to be pretty solid guys too. Here are some post gig snaps.


So Erik grins the same way off stage as he does on it. He is so full of energy – H.E.A.T are fast becoming my favourite band.

HEAT@Tavastia Backstage

There were a lot of girls there. Perhaps unsurprisingly.


I spoke with Jonatee for quite a while, reminiscing of gigs gone by such are Tampere last year and the Shout it Out Loud festival when we were hanging with BlackRain.

HEAT@Tavastia Backstage

Pinball wizard Jimmy Jay.

The band members that I spoke to all seemed pretty cool and seemed to remember previous gigs. Erik even said that if I turned up to the meet and greet the following day that he’d buy me a drink.

I didn’t take him up on the offer though. I’m too old for two nights out in a row. But let’s see if he remembers the next time.

There are more pictures on Flickr. Check out more pictures of H.E.A.T at Tavastia here.

Fun gig, where you there?