Let Me Entertain You

The last 3 live shows I’ve attended have all ended up meeting some of the performers at some stage of the night. I think I may be becoming addicted to the rush of meeting my idols.

In February it was not different when I got to meet with Robbie Williams in Helsinki.

Yes You

In February I was lucky enough to speak with Jonatee and Erik from H.E.A.T after their Tavastia show.

Back in January I met some of the guys and “the girl”, Elize, from Amaranthe on the Radio Rock Cruise. I also go to spend time with the great Danko Jones and band.

Late last year I manage to finally get to talk to Pepe, Jalle and Olli from Reckless Love after one of their Tavastia gigs.

This time it was Robbie Williams at Casino Helsinki. Actually, it was Tony Lewis, AKA @tonyasrobbie.

Am I the Only one?

I actually was forced on stage at some point to do a Take That medley. Thankfully that hasn’t made it onto the inter webs.


It was a fun gig though, nice food and actually a great event organised by our work.

Where you there? Did you enjoy the show?