In The End – Linkin Park @Himos

August ended with the great Linkin Park playing at the very unusual venue, at least to me, of Himos in Jämsä.

It is normally associated with skiing but obviously there are other attractions in summer.


I snapped up tickets months ago thinking that we were still on summer holiday and it would be a good opportunity to visit the “outlaws” at the same time.

I suddenly realized that the date was in fact not during vacations and also on a work day. Disaster! I had to take 2 days vacation to cover the gig and traveling.

Since it’s just over 4 years since I saw them last I thought it was worth it. Although I am not a big fan of there more recent albums.

As the gig was only yesterday I have not had time to write any reviews or upload distant photos of the concert, but look out for that in the coming days.

I did have a good idea of what they were going to play, since Setlist.FM has published their previous shows, Minsk for example.

Reviews and pictures of the support bands, Dead by April and Disco Ensemble will be uploaded here soon too.

Were you there? What did you think?