Imagine Dragons – Set for REALLY Big Things

I’m sure Imagine Dragons have played to bigger crowds, but this crowd was there just for them. (Although Sunset Sons fans might argue that point).

The Hartwall Arena was over half full, so I’m guessing between 6 & 8 thousand people ready to be entertained on their Smoke & Mirrors tour.

Having been very nicely earned up by the excellent Sunset Sons, the Dragons jumped right in with “Shots” and never looked back.

Their stage set was quite basic, living up to the tour title: No pyros, just smoke and mirrors. But they made good use of the stage with them all smashing on drums at on stage or another.

Imagine Dragons

I certainly don’t claim to be their biggest fan but I knew all of their songs but the highlights of course were the biggies: “Radioactive”: “I’ll bet my life” and the legendary “Demons”.

Their singer was super enthusiastic and I think truly humbled by all those fans. Interaction between fans and band was pretty good.

Imagine Dragons

My only 2 criticisms would be that he didn’t really address the people in their seats: He was focused on the mob between stage and the mixing desk.

Secondly was that the stage show wasn’t that special. It was good but felt like being in a club gig in parts.

Imagine Dragons

This maybe be because they were doing clubs last time they toured. However since this is their first time I’ll let them off.

Imagine Dragons

I’m sure they’ll only improve in both those areas over time.¬†Anyway, great show overall (full set list here), and Kitty’s first gig. Nice way to start.

Imagine Dragons

What was your first gig?