I Love Heavy Metal … At South Park, Tampere

I Love Heavy Metal, and I love Reckless Love. I really do. I don’t know what it is about them, but they hit all the right notes for me.


Their late eighties style is great and, as I’ve said before, they don’t just sound like one band … they sound like them all. Their songs are great by themselves. RL have no need to play covers – though when they have, they “fit”!


As the second act of the main stage at the South Park Festival, they faced tough competition from their predecessor and those band that were coming up. They didn’t disappoint. They never do.


They played well, looked to have fun and well – they were just Reckless Love. You know what you get when you see them.


They played probably for 45 minutes, 13 of the best tracks – you can see them at setlist.fm. Favourite song is super hard – I really love them all.


Overall ranking for the main stage acts has to be 3/5 * though their performance was very solid and I would, and will, go see them again and again.


What came next, with one exception, was really on another level. Give RL a few more years and they might just make it up to the next step.

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Performance rating 9/10..

* 3rd best out of 5 – what do you think?

PS: You can see the complete set of pictures on Flickr.