Hellfest v Sweden Rock – Between Rock & a Hard Place

So after a fairly nondescript year for live music in comparison to the past few years, 2015 looks to be turning into a classic one. Already announced in Finland are Amaranthe, Judas Priest, Nightwish and quite a few more gigs.

But for festivals two European dates stand out: Helfest 2015 and Sweden Rock. Quite a difficult choice.


I wasn’t sure whether to start with the bands themselves or the numerous other determining factors that will decide the outcome of which foreign soils festival to go to in 2015.

Hellfest is in Clisson, France which appears to be perhaps a couple of hours from Nantes. The location for  Sweden Rock is 140KM from Malmo, or about 200Km from Copenhagen which is an easy to get to airport from Finland.

Both festivals are in June, Sweden Rock is 4 day and Hellfest 3. Ticket prices for the all days is approximately 280 euros for 4 days compared to 185 for 3 days in France.

So far as I have been writing this, Hellfest is winning, but before getting to the bands themselves there are a few more factors to take into account. The festival itself and who else are going?

I have no experience of Sweden Rock at all, although it has been going for many years already. I found out about Hellfest from posts on Facebook by friends. Some had been already and really enjoyed the whole thing.

This brings me on to the next factor: who is going? I believe that there will be a small posse from Edinburgh going. And a friend from France – so it would be a fantastic opportunity to meet up again.

Hellfest is even further in the lead. Now, on to the bands.


To me the top 3 bands of Sweden Rock win this. Perhaps the last chance to see Def Leppard, and for sure the last time to see Mötley Crüe. Further down the order there are old school bands such as the Quireboys and Dokken.

Also appearing are my two favourite bands of 2014 (that don’t come from Finland): H.E.A.T and Delain. One of my favourite Finnish bands is there though: Battle Beast.

So perhaps the edge to Sweden Rock so far: Judas Priest and Five Finger Death Punch do not count since they are in Finland either the week before or week after…

Hellfest to me is slightly second string headline bands. With the exception of Slipknot who are in Finland early 2015 I have seen most of these bands already.

Alice Cooper is always great and then there is Nightwish. And then: ACE FREAKING FREHLEY!!!

It tough. I guess it is going to come down to who else is going and how much money this is going to cost. Hellfest is winning this too. What do you think?

Where would you go?