Going down to South Park …. Gonna have myself a time (in Tampere)

This year has been looking a bit bleak for gigs or festivals so far. Simple Minds were terrific and Within Temptation … Well, I’m still feeling slightly disappointed with the whole thing: not that I wouldn’t go and see them again though.

Things took a turn over the past few days though. I was checking out Tiketti.fi to see if there were still tickets for Reckless Love on Friday as I planned to go and see them (first time this year).

I was also aware of some happening that Santa Cruz were involved in. They had done a gig in Europe with Skid Row and though there may be some connection. It turns out that Reckless Love were at this festival too. And Battle Beast. And H.E.A.T. – who we saw back in Shout it Out Loud festival and were more than impressed.

So I emailed my concert buddy over the weekend about the South Park Festival as it is called. He was away in Scotland cheering on the mighty Saintees to their first Scottish Cup so didn’t respond until a few days later. We chatted on Wednesday and discussed this 2 day event.

We concurred that we wouldn’t take the day off work to see the Friday line up. As much as be we both love Santa Cruz, we can see them almost any time. Skid Row,to me at least, is not Skid Row without Sebastian Bach.

So what about Saturday?

  • Battle Beast
  • Reckless Love
  • H.E.A.T.
  • WASP
  • Europe

Say what? Let’s do it. For €60-ish it’s almost worth it even if each band only performs one song each. (If any of the bands are reading this: FULL SETS PLEASE).

Battle Beast

Quick consultations with our respective governments and travel visas were approved almost immediately. Hotel booked, tickets bought. Even travel tickets were bought the next day. How organised is that?


I’ve seen Battle Beast twice before, Reckless Love I’ve lost count: 3 times last year alone. H.E.A.T. and WASP at least once before.

Europe is a first. Really looking forward to see them. Though I am half expecting Gob Bluth to be performing on stage with them πŸ™‚

Who’s going? Who do you most want to see there?