Going down to South Park …. In 5 weeks

In just over 5 weeks the trek to Tampere begins again. This years headliners on the Saturday are Def Leppard. I cannot wait to see them again. I saw them “in the ring” I’m guessing almost 30 years ago.

Like last years main act, Europe, these guys have a huge appeal to me and I really can’t wait.

They are supported by various acts… Most of which I think will translate into drinking time but they do have Reckless Love and Santa Cruz on the bill.

Friday was headlined by Extreme. Although I like them to some degree the cost of extra accommodation, taking  day off work and the food and alcohol consumption I thought it was too much.

However, since I would have to go to Helsinki to start my trek proper early morning, I decided that it’d be possible to go the HEL the night earlier and take in another band …..

SANTA CRUZ @ Nosturi. Ever since seeing this band sparkle supporting Cinderella at that venue some 4 years ago the band has gone from strength to strength.

Their performance then was quite special. They were talking with the audience with an American swagger but about half way through switched to Finnish. It was weird since we thought they were an American band in the first place – they spoke the local lingo very well.

Since then they have release 2 albums. Both sound very Guns N’ Roses like but I think they have really created a niche sound for themselves.

Unfortunately we have never managed to see them again live until this year. They played at Tuska a couple of years ago but that was the year we discovered Amaranthe and they were on the Friday of South Park last year.

I did meet a couple of them at Reckless Love gig back in 2013 though but it’s not the same as seeing them play live. Looking forward to seeing how they have developed over the years.

As an extra bonus this week, here is Cinderella performing from Nosturi back in 2011. We were so lucky since their singer lost his voice after and cancelled many shows subsequently.

Are you going? Santa Cruz weekend??