Going down to South Park …. Gonna have myself a time (AGAIN)

In May last year I was enthusing about going to Tampere to see the South Park Festival with Europe headlining. It’s only March and I confirm that festival tickets have been bought and hotel rooms booked already.

I’m super excited. This year’s Saturday headliners are Def Leppard!!

Colin and I had such a good time last year, this event was a no brainer. The only question was “Do we take in the Friday too?”

Extreme have just been announce so the decision was whether to take in the extra day with the extra costs and time off work. We decided against it.

I have seen Extreme about 25 years ago. It was a brilliant gig, but I haven’t followed them since. We might be missing out, but the draw of the weekend is Def Leppard.

The dates are 5 & 6th of June in Tampere. This years Saturday line up is as follows (so far):

  • Def Leppard (UK)
  • Helloween (DE)
  • Eclipse (SWE)
  • Amorphis
  • Viikate plays some Motörhead
  • Santa Cruz
  • Reckless Love
  • Free Spirit

Last year they had 2 stages I am kind of expecting the same this time around.

Unfortunately no H.E.A.T this year but again, Reckless Love and Santa Cruz also to jump around to.

Reckless Love on stage

There could be quite a bit of heavy drinking though, since Helloween don’t really float my boat and I have never heard of Eclipse. I’ll have to check them out on Spotify.

Are you going? What will your highlight be?