Going down to South Park …. 5 days of fun starts now!!!!

5 days of fun starts today with 3 gigs in 3 different locations with the possibility of seeing at least 7 different bands – with potential for about 5 more if things go to plan.

The weekend starts tonight in one of my favourite smallish venues, Nosturi, with Santa Cruz providing the entertainment.

Having last seen them back in July 2011 supporting Cinderella at the very same venue it will be very interesting to see how they are as headliners. They also have 2 albums released now so they have more songs and their own sound.

Saturday 6th takes us back to the South Park Festival in Tampere again. On the bill today…

  • Def Leppard (UK)
  • Helloween (DE)
  • Eclipse (SWE)
  • Amorphis
  • Viikate plays some Motörhead
  • Santa Cruz
  • Reckless Love
  • Free Spirit
  • Ranger
  • Loudguns
  • Speedy and Saku

Oh look, Santa Cruz again. Sweet.

Looking forward very much to seeing Def Leppard. Reckless Love never let you down. The rest may just be drinking time…


Will be back home on the Sunday, but back into Helsinki to see Battle Beast on the 10th. It will be very interesting to see how they perform with their new guitarist and what they play from their latest album.


That will complete the 5 day mini-tour. More gigs later in the year and photos and comments about these gigs will be posted soon.

Are you going to any one these?