Feel the H.E.A.T … At South Park, Tampere

F**king WOW!!!

My words can barely explain the rush of H.E.A.T as they commanded the main stage at the South Park Festival. We saw them last year at the Shout it out Loud Festival and thought they would be worth paying a bit more attention to.


What a truly amazing live band they are. Since seeing them in 2013 they have released another album. I had not heard anything from it. Nor followed up on there previous releases, so for a band to command such attention without knowing any of the songs is quite phenomenal.


Their sound is very 80’s early 90s hair metal. You think of Survivor or Foreigner perhaps when you hear their albums (I bought 2 after the gig) but live they are lot heavier. The sing-a-long anthems reminded me of GUN in many ways.


They played a mix of songs from all their albums, you can see exactly what they played here.


They were very high energy and their singer, Erik Grönwall was captivating. Doing little dances and smiling a very toothy grin.


He was so high energy that he ended up in the crowd.

WP_20140607_19_04_56_Raw WP_20140607_19_05_04_Raw

Ranking overall for their performance is tough to call. I really enjoyed the main headliner, but this in many ways was more fun. Taking into account alcohol levels and fatigue from an already long day, these guys rate 1/5 – top dogs.

Performance rating 9.5/10..

You can find all these pictures and quite a few more on Flickr.

What do you think? Best act of the day?