Enter the Metal World … Of South Park, Tampere

Battle Beast kicked off the main stage events at the second day of the South Park Festival in Tampere for 2014 … in the pissing rain.

We’d just arrived as the rain started and it continued right through their set. Unfortunately for them, they were really the only main stage band affected.


As you can see from the pictures we stayed in the tent / bar area and watched them from a distance. They still sounded as good as ever: this is the third time I have seen them.


They played the usual songs. Nine of them today on as they were the openers. They got a pretty decent reception from the crowd especially given the weather at the time.

The whole setlist can be found on Setlist.fm. My favourite track? Hard to say though probably a Noora song. What was yours?


Overall ranking for the main stage acts unfortunately has to be 4/5 * though their performance was very solid and I would, and will, go see them again and again.

I love their sound, and their singer. What a voice she has!!!

Performance rating: 8/10.

* 4th best out of 5 – they were not the worst by a long shot. Agree?