End of an Era: RIP Mötley Crüe

So this was it. The end of Mötley Crüe touring as a unit. Their last ever gig in Europe. After 34 years as a band the time has come for them to go Home, Sweet Home.

Motley Crue


Their show promised to be magnificent. Not one, but two support acts – with the second one being none other than Alice Cooper. High exceptions then and quite a tough act to follow.

I arrived at the Hartwall Areena and got almost straight into the car park. Of course there was the black money parking fee which I am sure goes straight into the back pocket of the oligarch that owns the place.

Huge queues though to the main entrance – I was stuck 3 storeys down but cunningly used the lift to by-pass all that queue and join the main one at the door.

By 18:45 the crowd was still outside and not moving. The first band on was at 19:00 – Saint Asonia. We missed them almost completely. Fantastic organisation yet again for an event in Finland. I don’t understand how this can happen over and over again.

Since we were both driving there was no drinking involved, so we got a fairly good spot quite close to the stage … And only really moved forward and more central during the course of the evening.

Alice as wonderful, I will post a write up and more pictures shortly.

Alice Cooper Band

Mötley Crüe were, well, their show was great. Again I will go into more details in an upcoming post. The lights and the rigging were quite brilliant though.

Seeing Tommy Lee on his roller coaster drum kit was just amazing. His rig has come a long way since I first saw him spinning around circa 1990.

Motley Crue

Not the best gig ever, not even in the top 3 but one to remember for many reasons.

What was it like for you?