Elan – 3 Reasons why Nighwish were right

A lot has been said about the leak of Elan, the new Nightwish single. Not least by the band themselves.

Much of their comments and feedback was frowned upon my many of their fans on Facebook (especially) and Twitter. But their underlying argument stands true. Here are the 3 reasons why I think they were justified.

1) Theft

Pure and simple. Downloading without the consent of the band or record label is stealing. Whether targeting the originator of the leak is correct is another question altogether but you wouldn’t just go into a physical record store and take a CD from the shelf without paying – or would you?

2) You can get it for free on the day of release

Todays generation seems to expect everything for free. The excitement of hearing the single a few days before release may be a thrill for some, but if it is free content you are after, you could have just waited until the 13th. It became available on Spotify for example and of course the YouTube video was launched too. So why take the risk?

3) The stolen version does not do it justice

I think Floor especially talked about the poor quality of the release and how you should wait to hear the music the way it was supposed to sound. This is the key.

I did follow links to the leak, and listened to a version on YouTube that sounded as if it was being played underwater.

Elan is so deep and rich that it deserves full volume on the best set of speaker possible. From the chunky guitars that resonate Amaranth to the dreamy piano throughout – this is an epic song.

Haters gonna hate

Many comparisons have been made with the old Nightwish, but for me a few things stand out:

  1. The pipes player, Troy, became a full time member of the band last year, their sound is bound to reflect that
  2. It is great to hear Floor on a studio album, I cannot wait to hear the rest
  3. The background vocals provided my Marco are outstanding

And for all the doubters who say the song and the vocals are weak – wait for the “woo hoo”. Gets me every time.