Dynamite – 2015 Blasts off in Style with Amaranthe

Unreal. What a great start to the year, supporting band on the Radio Rock Cruise was Amaranthe.

They’re a band that I have been fortunate enough to see back in Tuska Festival in 2013 and hopefully see them again in a couple of weeks.


As part of the Rock Cruise, they followed on stage to Mokoma and warmed up the crowd for Danko Jones. They were absolutely how I remembered and probably better than I expected. A bucketful of Martini and a very intimate location made this show absolutely bounce.


There is no set list available on Setlist.fm, and those Martinis have somewhat dimmed my memory but I do remember having a great time and they for sure played quite a bit from their latest album, Massive Additive.

And no surprises that they played my favourite song of 2014: Drop Dead Cynical.

What made this even more special was the backstage pass that allowed me get close to the band and talk (& hopefully not harass) some of the band members.


Watch out for some concert footage from Deano42 over on That was the Day coming soon.