Don’t Run for Cover – Helloween Thrash South Park, Tampere

Helloween have never been one of my favourite bands. In fact if it wasn’t for a friend buying me a greatest hits album a few years back I would have had little or no exposure to them at all.

Helloween @ South Park

I think of them as a poor man’s Iron Maiden, with a touch of Queensrÿche thrown in for good measure. That preconception is somewhat misconceived. Their first couple of tracks were quite thrashy sounding.

  • Walls of Jericho
  • Dr. Stein
  • My god given right

Helloween @ South Park By the time they got to to Mr. Torture we thought: hang on, let’s give these guys a proper chance.

  • Mr. Torture
  • Waiting for the thunder
  • Staging out of hell
  • Lost in America

They whistled through their songs with the singer resplendent in a top hat. By this time we’d established that these guys were super professional, knew how to play (an audience) … They were the real deal.

  • If I could fly
  • Power
  • Halloween / sole survivor / I can / are you metal / keeper ….

Helloween @ South Park These guys were great, they played well past their finish time and really knew how to work the crowd. Even though I only knew a few tracks they were really enjoyable…

  • Future world
  • I want out

The encores were probably their best know tracks (at least to me). Didn’t want them to end despite knowing what was coming next. I would go and see them again, what did you think?