Can You Feel The April Rain?

A slight play on song titles but listening, again, to Delain’s April Rain back to back with Santa Cruz’s Can You Feel The Rain sparked a few emotions.

Last FM

Perhaps one of the stand-out tracks on Santa Cruz’s eponymous sophomore album is “Can You Feel The Rain?”.

Santa Cruz

I remember listening to the album for the first time. It was kind of on in the background. I liked their developed sound, sounding more like Skid Row perhaps than the initial GNR clone.

But this song made me stop what I was doing, and as soon as it finished I played the track again. The guitars are incredible: very dreamy / Vai-esk.

I was lucky enough to hear them perform this live for the first time at Tavastia earlier this year.

The rain connection songs was kind of tenuous but when my daughter said “no” in response to Archie asking “Can You Feel The Rain?” I thought it only right to continue on that theme.


April Rain is probably my favourite song.


I’ve listened to it 55 times in the past year alone (according to Last.FM). This is even more than Drop Dead Cynical by Amaranthe which was my #1 song of last year.

Can You Feel The Rain? is right up there too. We’ll have to wait until the end of the year to see what my top tracks for 2015 are, but:

What is your favourite song of the year (so far)?

See April Rain and Drop Dead Cynical below: