Better than a Sugar High – Danko Jones Rocks Tavastia

Around 8 months since seeing Danko Jones perform live on the boat to Tallinn, it was time to see them play one of the most nostalgic venues in Finland: Tavastia.

We bought tickets months in advance for this show, and there was a sizeable audience to see them play. Especially, as Danko pointed out, for a Wednesday night.

Danko Jones

They battered through their main set of 18 songs, only breaking to take in water and for Danko to have some chit chat with the crowd.

Unlike the last time I saw them play, there was a lot of interaction with the crowd – probably since they were not as drunk as on the ship. JC bounced his was through the whole night, orchestrating the choruses and clapping and Rich beat his drums like there was no tomorrow.

Danko Jones

They played 5 songs from their excellent latest album, Fire Music, a couple of covers and a range of tunes from their back catalog.

Highlight perhaps was when Danko asked if the audience wanted to hear Code of the Road OR Sugar High. Danko and JC obviously wanted the latter, with Rich going with JC’s choice too.

The audience agreed and they played Sugar High for a change. This is actually a new one for me, and I really liked it. Seems like they haven’t played it live for about 4 years until that night.

Danko Jones

Their encore of 4 songs climaxed with “Mountain”. I have only heard that on their live recordings previously and was impressed. Very powerful song to end …. leaving the audience wanting more of the same.

It was brilliant to meet the guys again, before and after the show. Danko’s crew were there too, obviously we had less time to “hang” than on the boat, but we still managed to have a good chat.

After-show with Rich

Going backstage at Tavastia was kind of cool. All the scrolls and scribbles on the wall of some the bands that have played there.

Backstage with Danko & JC

Next time I am going to ask Danko about Metallica. He has a very interesting podcast on them and his feelings towards them,. It is fascinating so hear his, and his interviewees, opinions on a subject / band that everyday people (i.e. me) have opinions on too.

The full setlist can be found on SetList.FM.

Were you there? Great or what?