At Last Scrobbling Comes to Windows Phone

Finally the people at Spotify have to add probably one of the easiest, yet annoying, features to their Windows Phone version of their music client: Last FM integration.

Whilst this doesn’t bring the app up to the levels of the other platforms it at least gives me one of the major missing features that has had me swaying between paid subscription and free (or no usage).


Last FM integration allows scrobbling of songs from Spotify to Last FM, like probably every other Spotify client on the planet. This means all the songs you play are recorded in their system and you get a complete picture of your listening habits.


A previously highlighted on several occasions on this site I have my complete music collection offline in my car and I use Spotify a lot on my phone. So scrobbling does not perhaps give a true representation of what I actually listen to.

With this latest update at least my mobile listening is captured more effectively. But what does that mean for my favourite and most listened to music?


There will be an increase in the music that I listen to on the road. So now when listen to Elan by Nightwish, 7 times in a row going to work and then 7 times in a row coming back,  this will be included in the overall count.

The differences between Spotify and Last FM should be a lot less. (Note to self: remember to save the Spotify yearly stats to own storage)…

For me at least this has encouraged me to renew my subscription with Spotify (I’m trialling right now after a break of about a year).

Is Scrobbling a “must have” for your music apps?