Are You Going My Way Lenny?

So after months of anticipation the night finally arrived and Lenny Kravitz flew away from the US to the shores of an autumnal Finland. To be honest I was not a big a fan. I find his musical quite suicide inducing at times.

Live though – Wow!!


Late October brought Lenny Kravitz to the Hartwall Arena in Helsinki. Although my thoughts on the performer were what they were I was going into this gig with an open mind – with pretty low expectations. It didn’t take long to get right into the atmosphere.

It has to be said that we were in the old peoples viewing area … seats. But we were quite close to the stage and the view was terrific.

The plus side to that was we could see all that was happening on stage, the minus was that there wasn’t really much to see anyway. With the exception of Foxxy Cleopatra in the backing singers it was just the band giving it large.


The trumpets and sax were brilliant giving a huge sound to the music. I counted up to eleven musicians on stage at one point. The drummer was magnificent and the bass was excellent. She had her bass plugged in / fixed midway through the first or second song and what a difference. It made the whole arena vibrate.

Lenny has a great voice, despite having throat  issues on the night. You could see he was holding back a bit at the end. This allowed more sing-alongs. It was interesting that the first sing-along was “New York City“. A real funky number.

Whether it was where we were sitting or the crowds reluctance to sing the repeating “New York City” – it didn’t really work. Given the way the audience was at the end of the gig with “Let Love Rule” I think it was purely not being able to hear the crowd.


Not being able to hear was not something you could say about the music itself though. It was very loud. There was some echo toward the back of the hall, a bit reminiscent of Soundgarden (that was awful) but there wasn’t too much quiet on the night. The MASSIVE crowd would also have contributed to dampening the echo.

Speaking of the crowd. The place was rammed. We arrived nice and early so got parked easily in an excellent getaway position too. 10 fecking euros. I swear that the price goes up every time we go there. Cash in hand to the Russian mafia right  😉

The crowd was really captivated … right the way to the back. The whole arena was rocking at some points!!


Thankfully there were not too many down moment, the band played 4 songs from the latest album and were very well received. Perhaps a little disappointing that they didn’t play “Black Velveteen” but overall it was excellent. You can see the set here.

They ended with “The Chamber” which just worked. Excellent show!!. I’m converted now…

Have you seen Lenny? What did you think? Comment below…