Apocalyptica played with a chamber orchestra an a tour of Europe this year. In March they arrived in Helsinki and the Finlandia House was packed.

Apocalyptica Live #1

It has to be one of the strangest but enjoyable concerts I have ever been to. Being a “posh” place everyone was quite reserved as the band and orchestra played. However after an interlude one of the band told the audience to stand up and freak out a bit..

Apocalyptica Live #2

Apocalyptica Live #3

They duly did, it was amazing atmosphere given that every had been seated before this. However, everyone sat down again after that tune. But got up again for the next one. It was like being at a church between hymns.

Apocalyptica Live #4

Apocalyptica Live #5

Despite all the weirdness and the fact that you recognised almost all the tunes, but not quite, it was a really enjoyable gig. The band is obviously very talented and they played very well with the orchestra backing them up.

Apocalyptica Live #6

Apocalyptica Live #7

The set list is not available for anyone of the Finland gigs, but you can get an idea of what they played from this list from Lithuania a week later.