An Ensemble that won’t be Dead by April – Himos warm-up Bands

The organisers of the Linkin Park @ Himos Park event had arranged two warm-up bands. One Swedish band and one Finnish – with very contrasting styles.

Dead By April took to the stage first. Resplendent in their matching basketball outfits they certainly looked as if they were enjoying themselves.

Dead By April

Dead By April are another Swedish melodic metal core band, they shouted and harmonised through a pretty good set. I would imagine that they were actually fans of Linkin Park given that they said what a great honour it was to be playing on the same stage.

Dead By April

Obviously this was a great opportunity for some extra publicity and they played well. They also took advantage of their merchandising to spread the word of the band by throwing many t-shirts into the crowd.

They reminded me a bit of Amaranthe, but without the stunning Elize Ryd 🙁


Disco Ensemble was the Finnish representative. The lead singer seemed on a different planet. My grasp of the local language is very poor, but from what I could make out of what he was saying – his banter was crap!

Disco Ensemble

That said, they played a good set. It contained the 3 songs that I knew previously and the crowd seemed to enjoy them.

I would almost describe their music as mod. They have been on the go for ages though and they have quite a range of music.

Disco Ensemble

The setlist for both bands are linked below. What was your highlight?