Airbourne in Finland

As I’ve been publishing mostly music posts over the past couple of months, I’ve decided to dig a bit deeper into the photo archives and share some Airbourne with you.

Airbourne are a no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall, AC/DC-esk hard rock band who I’ve been lucky enough to see twice so far in Finland. And I will go and see them again if they come back to this country.


I saw them back in 2010 in the Cable Factory in Helsinki. They were wild. Their singer, Joel, was crushing full beer cans on his head. It’s gotta hurt. Set list is available on SetList.FM.

Almost 3 years later I saw them in the more intimate venue of Circus, in downtown Helsinki. Again they were crazy good. They play simple, almost pub, rock. They are great fun and certainly don’t take themselves seriously.



Their setlist from Circus can be found here. All my pictures from this concert can be found on Flickr.

I would highly recommend checking them out if ever they come to a town near you.

Seen them before – what did you think?