80’s nostalgia – 6/7 – Guns N’ Roses

Welcome to the jungle. What a fantastic track. Probably the start of THE¬†greatest time for music in general, or at least the music that I like. Guns N’ Roses were to spawn hundreds of imitators and still influence rock music today.


Welcome to the jungle was the kick off track to their album and brought with it acclaim and adulation that hadn’t been seen for rock bands for many years. They brought their genre mainstream.

As per my previous item in the list, The Cult, Grindlay Street Union was the scene of many out of control attempted-dances that live long in the memory: if only through recollections of others the next day.

Classic to this day, I wonder if they will come to Europe this year after finally getting back together again after all these years?

I never got to see them live, have you?