80’s nostalgia – 5/7 – The Cult

Day 5 and now in 1985.

She sells sanctuary will always be a favorite of mine for a couple of reasons.


From the brilliant “Love” album, an album that still sounds just as good today as it did 30 odd years ago, She sells sanctuary is one of the stand out tracks.

I remember in music class at school we were allowed to play one song each that was significant to you. When it came to my turn, I brought in the “Love” album. I can remember our teacher quite liking it, Mrs Taylor IIRC, which was quite a surprise.

Jump on a few years to my student daze (days) in Edinburgh and the fond memories of dancing around like idiots at Grindlay Street Union, in Edinburgh, with the likes of Gill, C-J, Paul, Stewart and others. We must of looked like complete twats.

So, without further ado: She sells sanctuary..

Does this stir any memories for you?