80’s nostalgia – 4/7 – Kiss

Day 4 and still in 1984..

My second big concert lives long in the memory.


My second big concert after Queen, KISS at the playhouse in Edinburgh. A big day out with friends, drinking and smoking (we were 15 at the time) and the beginning of a love affair with KISS that has never diminished.

KISS were unmasked promoting Animalize. However they still played many Klassic Kiss tracks and Eric Carr was still in the band before his untimely death.

They were supported on the day by a little, relatively unknown, band called Bon Jovi.

Remarkably the set list is available on Setlist FM but here is their lead single from the fore mentioned Animalize album performed live in 84 in where else but Detroit!

Heavens on fire

How is your KISStory?