2018 – My Year in Music: Listening

2018 was a record year for me listening to music. It’s always fun to see what Spotify & LastFM have to say about your listening habits. To be fair there were not many surprises but I like looking at the stats.

LastFM 2018 Figures v 2017

Ihsahn Rules the Waves

I suppose the charts complement the gigs I’ve been to in 2018. Ihsahn was my most listened-to artist by quite a long shot. I had never even heard of him before Tuska.

I have to disagree that the pleasure was all his, although his music is really dark.

Trends wises I listen to “rock” & “hard rock” music most and mostly on Fridays though since I started working again I did listen most days to and from work too.

LastFM Breakdowns

Final snippet of numbers is my obsessions with songs. LastFM has listed my top 3 songs that I have scrobbled a lot in close proximity (one day). Top tracks are:

  • Smash Into Pieces (90)
  • REACH — The Great Divine (43)
  • Thomas Rhett — Craving You (32)

So a musical summary of 2018. What was your top band / song of the year?