2017 – My Music Year in Review

I wrote last year at this time that 2016 had been a bad year for me musically, and that 2017 was quite promising. Unfortunately, due to my financial situation my musical activities were very limited.

I saw Santa Cruz, Pat Methany and Danko Jones (3 wonderful times).  The Danko Jones road trip was undoubtedly the highlight overall, but seeing Danko and the band on stage in Tavastia with Circle was pretty special too.

Danko Jones & Circle

Along with the seeming death of my musical adventures this year it seem appropriate to talk about real death in the music world.

There were a couple of really poignant deaths that affected me quite badly. After 2016 and the deaths of Lemmy, Prince, Bowie and quite a few other legends in music, tragedy struck twice within two short months.

Chris Cornell, one of THE greatest voices in rock music, and shortly after, his friend, Chester Bennington.

The irony was that only a few months prior I had a public Twitter conversation about Linkin Park and how I was kind of over them.

Chester had been dissing fans for complaining that their new stuff wasn’t as good as their earlier albums. Perhaps he was showing signs of instability even at that time.

Only that week, I had been watching a “react” video by fans to Linkin Park, and also Mike Shinoda’s response. I decided to give the new stuff another listen, and was quite “into it” again.

As it was so close to the tragedy of CC’s death and Chester’s seemingly erratic recent behaviour, I found out through simple conversation:

Oh no, someone else has gone!!

My simple response:


I was devastated. It still saddens me as I am writing this. LP were such a big part of my life musically and also for so many others. My thoughts are with his family – I cannot begin to imagine what it feels like for them. Or the demons had Chester and Chris were fighting.

Wow, that was cheery. I hope 2018 is better. How was your year?