2016 Has Been Grim – But Things are Looking Up

2016 has been a shit year for me, music wise. Aside from all the celebrity deaths, some of which have been fairly hard to swallow, the music scene in Finland has been very poor.



2015 seems to have been a year and a half for me. So many great gigs, some pretty stunning albums and band discoveries… I almost didn’t want it to end,.


Such gigs as Danko Jones, twice, Amaranthe and the wonderful Nightwish.

Albums wise, Endless Forms Most Beautiful was the absolute standout, but there are many more great albums as I already highlighted in my 2015 album summary.

At least the discovery of the year for me, Ghost, might have been match (in somewhat different form) in the shape of Sunset Sons.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been some good gigs this year: Imagine Dragons, Steven WIlson, Toto but I want more.

After a disappointing summer festival season, yes there were some great bands but the events in general were poor, I’ve seen three gigs at least to give me some inspiration again and hope that 2017 maybe a better year for music.


As well as the long known Himos gig by NIghtwish in August, there are 3 more bands that I want to go and see and will be buying tickets very soon.

local band

Local Band are playing in Nosturi in August. I really like what they do, a Finnish super group if you will. Though I guess people outside of Finland may be like “eh?”.

Biffy Clyro are on their way again to Helsinki, tickets are out this week. As I write this I am listening to their new album, Ellipsis. Despite what I read in reviews about it being a bit lighter than previous albums I REALLY like it on the first listen. Check out Howl if nothing else.

Finally, an old one. Killing Joke. Not on my top bands list by any stretch of the imagination but a blast from the past. They will be in Helsinki in November. Think this is a must see.


How has your 2016 been for music? Sound off in the comments area below.