2016 has been a weird year for Music

I wrote back in July bemoaning the music scene in Finland in 2016. I found few gigs of any worth to go to and although there have been some great individual gigs, there really hasn’t been too much to write about – thus the relative inactivity of the blog this year. Are things about to take a turn for the better in 2017?



2016 started promisingly enough with Imagine Dragons and the discovery of the year for me, Sunset Sons. However good gigs were few and far between. Of course there was the incredible Himos Park event but I’ve been to a few duffers too.

2017 is looking a bit better, as KISS tickets came on sale yesterday and Guns n’ Roses’ “Not in Your Lifetime” tickets are on sale on Friday. My gigs calendar is beginning to fill already with prospective concerts by a good range of bands.

More information coming soon on what I’ve got planned and look out for my yearly reviews. Here’s to 2017.

What have your highlights been this year?