Shout It Out Loud IV — Part I

Duisburg, 5th (ha ha) April 2013 will be a day that I’ll not forget for a long time. Shout It Out Loud IV really was something special.

As part of a few days break in the area that took in a local game of football and many of the local beers the concert was top-notch from the time the first guitar screeched until the final bows.


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Sonisphere Finland Ruined

The Sonisphere Festival is a touring music festival which takes place across Europe between June and August. It first started as far as I am aware in 2009 and in Finland it was located in Pori – home of the jazz festival. It was fast becoming a tradition to make an adventure out of the festival and spend some time around the area: and take in a few bars of course.

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2010 – Music Highlights

This has been some year for music for me. It all started with the discovery of the Reckless Love. They are a glam rock band that sound as if they are stuck in 1989 – but they are absolutely fantastic at what they do. Normally bands sound like one band that they are trying to “copy” – Reckless Love sound like many: Def Leppard, Poison, Motley Crue, Dokken – you name it!!

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