Modern Vintage – Modern Classic

For all my adult life I have been a fan of Mötley Crüe. They epitomised the sleazy glam rock genre perfectly and their band members seemed to live their life that way too.

This all changed during 1987 when Sixx (Nikki Sixx is the bassist) almost died from a heroin overdose. He subsequently cleaned up his act and wrote a book based on his journal entries called “The Heroin Diaries: A Year in the Life of a Shattered Rock Star”.

This later became an album that was released in 2007 and Sixx A.M. was truly born (they were formed in 2006).

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Are You Going My Way Lenny?

So after months of anticipation the night finally arrived and Lenny Kravitz flew away from the US to the shores of an autumnal Finland. To be honest I was not a big a fan. I find his musical quite suicide inducing at times.

Live though – Wow!!


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Airbourne in Finland

As I’ve been publishing mostly music posts over the past couple of months, I’ve decided to dig a bit deeper into the photo archives and share some Airbourne with you.

Airbourne are a no nonsense, balls-to-the-wall, AC/DC-esk hard rock band who I’ve been lucky enough to see twice so far in Finland. And I will go and see them again if they come back to this country.


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Europe Rock The Night … At South Park, Tampere

What a talented bunch of musicians there guys are. Reminiscent of the Scorpions in professionalism, they certainly did Rock The Night … though you couldn’t help thinking everyone was just waiting for “The Final Countdown”.


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We Are So Prosaic … At South Park, Tampere

The banner on stage claimed WASP was celebrating 32 years. It’s a wonder they have lasted that long. OK, I guess WASP really is only Blackie Lawless.

Whatever their history, I found them pretty boring. They probably played OK, and it may be because I only really knew the band’s first couple of albums, but I lost interest pretty quickly and went on the hunt for more beer.


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Feel the H.E.A.T … At South Park, Tampere

F**king WOW!!!

My words can barely explain the rush of H.E.A.T as they commanded the main stage at the South Park Festival. We saw them last year at the Shout it out Loud Festival and thought they would be worth paying a bit more attention to.


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