Using Google Bookmarks On Your Windows Phone

There are many articles on how to sync bookmarks across devices, be it using iCloud for Apple devices or Firefox or Chrome syncing methods. An alternative also exists to use Google Bookmarks. Since I use many platforms: iOS, OS X, Windows 7 & Windows phone and use different browsers at work and at play I primarly share my bookmarks cross platform with Google Bookmarks. Continue reading Using Google Bookmarks On Your Windows Phone

Add Pinterest Bookmarklet to Your Windows Phone

Pinterest seems to have apps for every device except for the Windows Phone so I used a simple trick to add the “pin it” button as a bookmarklet for my Lumia 800. I used this method that I found earlier for my lovely N900 quite a while back but this still seems to work quite nicely.

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Nokia Windows Phones Due Ahead Of iPhone 5

It doesn’t help that neither the Lumia 900 nor 710 can be updated to Windows Phone 8. Instead, both devices will settle for Windows Phone 7.8, which brings the home screen and user interface tweaks of WP8, but not the major change in underlying architecture

What a pile of shit. I mean really! Nerds care about underlying architecture, normal people won’t give a flying f**k.

For the most part 7.8 will be a more than satisfying experience. Anyone tried the latest iOS on the first iPad? While it was able to handle the OS upgrades when iPad II and the imaginative named iPad came out its getting really clunky now and that’s still only a few years old. Even iPad II struggles.