skiFFie: give a clue; indication of direction

skiFFie is a good Scots word that would try to sum up what the site is about while keeping a Scottish identity.


This blog is my own, and is a random collection of things I find interesting or worth commenting on. My passions are music, football, my dog and technology.

I try to blog once a week here, depending on how active my music life is. 2016 has been a pretty poor year to be honest. 2017 is a good year but lack of funds have made it disastrous.  Hopefully 2018 will be better.

I am also trying to make a go of Schemie Hoors (it’s a football site: a tribute to The Tartan Special One).

In the past I have blogged about Social Media & web analytics for these cool guys: EzyInsights. You can read my posts on the EzyInsights blog.


I am a Scotsman living in Finland – expatriated in 1999. I have 3 beautiful kids and a beautiful wife. In my spare time, when I am not with the kids, I like to play salibandy, pool and play around with technology.

Last year I lost 20 KGS through better eating. You can read about my weight loss journey here.

Work ( the day job ) :

As of May 2016  I am helping out a start-up as their CTO. Previously I worked for Microsoft, having been at Nokia for over 10 years before that.

Freelance work:

I am available for work.

Consultancy work in and around “online”, such as web trends / analysis, blogging, forum moderation, content curation, marketing roles … please drop me a line.

Contact details below or check out a few more of my details at Red Lenses …

On the web:

Google+,  About Me, or on LinkedIn.