Big News from XBMC

This should have been such a big month for LG. Lots of people were eagerly awaiting information on the up-coming TV & Blu-ray products that , one thought given the press release in September last year, would contain Plex in some shape or form.

I for one was eagerly awaiting their Blu-ray announcements. CES a press releases and subsequent blog postings remained confusing to say the least.

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Media Ecosystem

Since I bought the iPad in December I have been standardizing and building my media library and system. For the geeks out there, or just the plain nosy, here is an overview of my system at the moment.

I know I can build on this but this is just the beginning. I wish / hope that there will be some Nokia products in here – time will tell.

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New Year Honours

Mrs Sheila Margaret Royle. For services to the Independent Monitoring Board, HM Prison Altcourse, Liverpool. (Newburgh, Lancashire)

That’s my auntie :-)
V. proud and happy for her.

Angry Birds – Level 4


So the new level pack, Level 4 is available for the N900. Thinks I will be downloading this when I get home. I must say I find the games much more enjoyable on the N900 over the iPad. Not sure why but the iPad version is so difficult!