Ovi Revisited

Perhaps I am in a difficult position as I have seen Alpha versions as well as public Betas, but I have tried many of the Ovi services a while back and was quite frustrated by the whole thing. However, after the announcements at Nokia World 2009 I decided to bite the bullet and try them again. Here is a summary of the services I have tried again in the last month. Continue reading “Ovi Revisited”

N95 – Top 10 Apps

I have been a proud N95 8GB user for over a year. In the past couple of weeks I have found some excellent new (to me at least) applications that have made the phone even more enjoyable. To start this new sub section of the site off, I have decided to list my favorites. All are at least available as Beta (?) and are mostly free to use! Continue reading “N95 – Top 10 Apps”